Project Description


Wine aroma and faults (specifically smoke taint), wine sensory evaluation and aroma training. Teaching and Learning (engaged methodologies, transformation and decoloniality in science)


I am a Senior Lecturer in Oenology at Stellenbosch University, with a PhD in Oenology. I holds a BSc in chemistry and geography from UCT, and I was the first woman to graduate with an MSc (Agric) in South Africa. I worked in analytical chemistry at UCT for 6 years, running the ICP and HPLC services, then as an operations manager in clinical trials and validation services for pharmaceutical companies in the EU. I lectured Wine Science at Plumpton College, Brighton, UK (2000- 2007) which was a wonderful experience, as the wine industry was so new there. I have been at Stellenbosch University since my return to SA in 2007. My research has taken me into some varied territory, from volatile phenols, smoke and related taints to collaborative Teaching and Learning (T&L) and sensory evaluation. My teaching and learning research now has a strong focus in engaged T&L and transformation in science. I do a lot of work with students from the Pinotage Youth Development Academy (an NPO based in the Winelands). I have been recognised for my teaching by the SA Council for Higher Education (Teaching Excellence Award 2015), and also by SU (Distinguished Teacher: 2017, and current Teaching Fellow).


Room 2010, JH Neethling Building, Victoria Road Stellenbosch