Financial support from the SAGWRI

SAGWRI may, at its discretion and subject to sufficient funding being available, award the financial support to full-time registered students, if they have not been awarded any other external bursaries. Bursaries are awarded in terms of the regulations of Stellenbosch Universit​​​y.  In exceptional cases SAGWRI retains the right to make adjustments to bursary supplementations depending on the total value of the bursaries awarded, as well as the performance of the student.

Other postgraduate bursaries

(from Stellenbosch University)

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for competative bursaries (e.g. NRF Free-standing Prestige Bursary, NRF Equity Bursary, US Postgraduate Merit Bursary, etc.) through the Office for Pos​tgraduate Bursaries. Several private bursaries are available, eg. Harry Crossley bursaries; Murray bursary for fulltime study; CJ Theron bursary; Andrew Mellon bursary, etc.

Office for Postgraduate Bursaries

Tel: 021 808 4208 | E-mail:

International students, please refer to the Postgraduate and International Office webpage.

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