The Chemical Analytical Lab (CA Lab) is dedicated to sample preparation and chromatographic analysis of grape, wine, and related matrices (yeast, roots, shoots, berry skin and seeds).

Both Liquid Chromatography (LC) and Gas Chromatography (GC) methods are included the Lab’s portfolio for a variety of analyses including – but not limited to: sugars, organic acids, amino acids, phenolic compounds, major volatiles (higher alcohols, volatile acids, esters), thiols, terpenoids, lipids (fatty acids and sterols), etc. Some of the analyses performed make use of state of the art instrumentation available through the Mass Spectrometry Unit of the Central Analytical Facility at Stellenbosch University.

The method portfolio is complemented by applications on a photometric chemical analyser (a ‘robot’) for low volume and high throughput measurements.
We are always interested in expanding our portfolio with new applications, including on other matrices such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. If you have a question regarding current analyses or suggestion for future applications, please contact

Ms Bongisiwe Zozo
Mrs Anke Berry
Dr Astrid Buica